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1836Carnarvon, Henry John George Herbert Earl ofReview of the social and political state of the Basque provinces: with a few remarks on recent events in Spainbook chapterPortugal and Gallicia: with a review of the social and political state of the Basque Provinces: and a few remarks on recent events in Spain.
London: J. Murray
1836Henningsen, Charles FrederickThe Most Striking Events of a Twelvemonth´s Campaign with Zumalacarregui, in Navarre and the Basque ProvincesbookLondon: J. Murray
1836Honan, MichaelThe court and camp of Don Carlos: being the results of a late tour in the Basque provinces, and parts of Catalonia, Aragon, Castile, and EstramadurabookLondon: John Macrone
1837Southern, HenryThe policy of England towards Spain: considered chiefly with reference to "A review of the social and political state of the Basque provinces, and a few remarks on recent events in Spain" [by Carnarvon]bookLondon: James Ridgway and Sons URL TEXT
1837Stephens, EdwardThe Basque provinces: their political state, scenery, and inhabitants with adventures among the Carlists and ChristinosbookLondon: Whittaker & Co. URL TEXT
1838Bacon, John FrancisSix years in Biscay, comprising a personal narrative of the sieges of Bilbao in June 1835, and Oct. to Dec. 1836 and of the principal events which occurred in that city and the Basque provincesbookLondon: Smith Elder and Co., 478 p. URL TEXT
1873Russell, HenryBiarritz and Basque countries: with a mapbookLondon: E. Stanford
1874Webster, WentworthThe Basque and the Kelt: An Examination of Mr. W. Boyd Dawkins´ Paper, “The Northern Range of the Basques” in the Fortnightly Review, September, 1874book, 29 p. TEXT
1894Spring, ElizabethAn unconquered peoplebookUSA, 570 p. INFO
1920Rugg, Francis AugustusIn the land of the BasquesarticleThe Century, 101, 1, 1920 INFO
1928Monmarché, MarcelThe French and Spanish Basque countrybookParis: Hachette
1930Gallop, RodneyA book of the BasquesbookLondon: Macmillan and co. limited URL INFO
1935Scott, WilliamWhere East meets West: the Indo-Chinese theory of Basque originsbookToronto Canada
Casañas, Luis;
Sobrino, Pedro
The Basque problem, as seen by Cardinal Goma and President AguirrebookNew York N.Y.: Basque Archives INFO
1939Hiriartia, JThe case of the Basque CatholicsbookNew York: Basque Archives, 39 p. INFO
1939Merry del Val, AlfonsoSpanish Basques and separatismbookLondon: Burns ;Oates
1945Aguirre y Lecube, JoséFreedom was flesh and bloodbookLondon: V. Gollancz
1945Mestellan, JacquesThe Basque countrybookBayonne: Editions Euskal-Herria
1954Nolan, JohnLife in the land of the Basques: a proud people of unknown origin clings to its unique language and traditional way of life in the Western PyreneesbookWashington D.C.
1955Rowe, VivianThe Basque countrybookLondon: Putnam
1967Douglass, WilliamOpportunity, choice-making, and rural depopulation in two Spanish Basque VillagesthesisThesis Ph.D., University of Chicago, Dept. of Anthropology
1970Douglass, WilliamDeath in Murélaga: funerary ritual in a Spanish Basque villagebookSeattle: University of Washington Press ISBN 9780295950020 TEXT
1971Douglass, William;
Da Silva, Milton
Basque nationalismbookReno: University of Nevada Basque Studies Program, 64 p.
1972Da Silva, MiltonThe Basque nationalist movement a case study in modernization and ethnic conflictthesisThesis, University of Massachusetts
1972Eiguren, JosephThe Basque history, past & presentbookNampa Idaho: Offset Printer
1973Arenillas, JoséThe Basque country: the national question and the socialist revolutionbookLeeds: ILP Square One Publications, 27 p. ISBN 9780903245036
1974Bilbao, JonBasque nationalism in present-day SpainbookReno, 28 p.
1974Fusi Aizpurúa, Juan PabloWorking class politics in the Basque Country, 1886-1923thesisThesis (Dr. Phil.), Univ. of Oxford INFO
1974Mayo, PatriciaThe roots of identity: three national movements in contemporary European politicsbookLondon: Allen Lane, 171 p. ISBN 9780713905076URL INFO
1975Payne, StanleyBasque nationalismbookReno: University of Nevada Press, 291 p. ISBN 9780874170429URL TEXT INFO
1976Hollyman, John Ll.Basque revolutionary separatism: ETAbook chapterP. Preston (ed.): Spain in crisis: the evolution and decline of the Franco régime
New York: Barnes & Noble Books ISBN 9780064957113
1977Alpert, MichaelGreat Britain and the Blockade of Bilbao, April 1937book chapterW. A. Douglass, R. Etulain, & W. H. Jacobsen (ed.): Anglo-American contributions to Basque studies: essays in honor of Jon Bilbao
Reno NV: Univ of Nevada Press
1977Bard, RachelThe Decline of a Basque State in France: Basse Navarre, 1512-1789book chapterW. A. Douglass, R. Etulain, & W. H. Jacobsen (ed.): Anglo-American contributions to Basque studies: essays in honor of Jon Bilbao
Reno NV: Univ of Nevada Press
1977Castelli, Helen J.Response of the Pays Basque to the Convocation of the Estates General in Pre-Revolutionary Francebook chapterW. A. Douglass, R. Etulain, & W. H. Jacobsen (ed.): Anglo-American contributions to Basque studies: essays in honor of Jon Bilbao
Reno NV: Univ of Nevada Press
1977Crawford, CharlotteThe Position of Women in a Basque Fishing Communitybook chapterW. A. Douglass, R. Etulain, & W. H. Jacobsen (ed.): Anglo-American contributions to Basque studies: essays in honor of Jon Bilbao
Reno NV: Univ of Nevada Press
1977Douglass, W. A.Borderland Influences in a Navarrese Villagebook chapterW. A. Douglass, R. Etulain, & W. H. Jacobsen (ed.): Anglo-American contributions to Basque studies: essays in honor of Jon Bilbao
Reno NV: Univ of Nevada Press
1977Frank, Roslyn MThe Religious Role of the Woman in Basque Culturebook chapterW. A. Douglass, R. Etulain, & W. H. Jacobsen (ed.): Anglo-American contributions to Basque studies: essays in honor of Jon Bilbao
Reno NV: Univ of Nevada Press
1977Greenwood, Davydd J.Continuity in change: Spanish Basque ethnicity as a historical processbook chapterM. Esman (ed.): Ethnic conflict in the Western World
Ithaca N.Y.: Cornell University Press ISBN 9780801410161
1977Payne, StanleyCarlism—Basque or “Spanish” Traditionalism?book chapterW. A. Douglass, R. Etulain, & W. H. Jacobsen (ed.): Anglo-American contributions to Basque studies: essays in honor of Jon Bilbao
Reno NV: Univ of Nevada Press
1979Clark, Robert P.The Basques: the Franco years and beyondbookUniversity of Nevada Press, 464 p. ISBN 9780874170573URL TEXT
1980Foster, CharlesNations without a State: ethnic minorities in Western EuropebookNew York N.Y.: Praeger ISBN 9780030568077
1980Hayes, DavidSpain: the Basque chapterTerrorists and freedom fighters
Hove: Wayland ISBN 9780853406525
1980Janke, PeterSpanish separatism: ETA´s threat to Basque democracybook(Conflict Studies, 123) London: Institute for the Study of Conflict, 19 p.
1981Ben-Ami, ShlomoThe Catalan and Basque movements for autonomybook chapterY. Dinstein (ed.): Models of autonomy
New Brunswick N.J.: Transaction Books ISBN 9780878554355
1981Raushenbush, Richard WalterEthnic separatism and the strategy of terror: a study of the BasquesthesisThesis (A.B., Honors), Harvard University TEXT
1982Alexander, YonahTerrorism in EuropebookNew York: St. Martin´s Press ISBN 9780312792503
1982Bard, RachelNavarra, the durable kingdombookReno Nev.: University of Nevada Press ISBN 9780874170733URL
1982Bergman, JeanneRebels to the north: a comparative study of Eritrean and Basque identity formation and nationalismthesisSenior Honors thesis, University of California, Dept. of Anthropology
1982Medhurst, KennethBasques and Basque nationalismbook chapterC. Williams (ed.): National separatism
Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press ISBN 9780774801515
1982Zulaika, JosebaItziar: the cultural context of Basque political violencethesisThesis Ph.D., Princeton University
1984Clark, RobertThe Basque insurgents: ETA, 1952-1980bookMadison Wis.: University of Wisconsin Press, 328 p. ISBN 9780299096502URL INFO
1984Coverdale, JohnThe Basque phase of Spain´s first Carlist warbookPrinceton N.J.: Princeton University Press, 332 p. ISBN 9780691054117
1984Legarreta, DorothyThe Guernica generation: Basque refugee children of the Spanish Civil WarbookReno Nev.: University of Nevada Press ISBN 9780874170887
1984Preston, Paul;
Fusi Aizpurua, Juan Pablo
The Basque question 1931-7book chapterRevolution and war in Spain, 1931-1939
London; New York: Methuen ISBN 9780416349603
1985Clark, Robert P.Dimensions of Basque political culture in post-Franco Spainbook chapterW. Douglass (ed.): Basque politics: a case study in ethnic nationalism
Tarrytown N.Y.; Reno Nev.: Associated Faculty Press; University of Nevada ISBN 9780804693981
1985Douglass, WilliamBasque politics: a case study in ethnic nationalismbookTarrytown N.Y.; Reno Nev.: Associated Faculty Press; University of Nevada ISBN 9780804693981
1985Kimball, JamesViolence and regionalism in the Basque and Catalan regions of Spain: no exit?thesisThesis Honors degree, University of Utah, Dept. of Political Science
1985Larrea Sagarminaga, María Ángeles;
Mieza Mieg, Rafael
Introduction to the history of the Basque countrybook(Basque translation series, 2) Bilbao: Basque American Foundation, 126 p. ISBN 9788459906562URL
1985Zirakzadeh, CyrusPopular politics in the Basque region of Spain: a study in political anthropologythesisThesis Ph.D., University of California, Dept. of Political Science
1986Jauregui, GurutzNational identity and political violence in the Basque countryarticleEuropean Journal of Political Research, 14, 5-6, 11.1986, 587-605 TEXT
1987Boucher, Jerry;
Landis, Dan
The Basque conflictbook chapterJ. Martín Ramírez, B. Sullivan, & K. Arnold Clark (ed.): Ethnic conflict: international perspectives (Sage focus editions, 84)
Newbury Park Calif.: Sage Publications ISBN 9780803928183
1987Campbell, CraigFrom homeland to the Rio de la Plata: sixteenth century cultural and political change in Basque ethnic regionalismthesisThesis (M.A.), Univ. of Kentucky
1987Medhurst, Kenneth;
Minority Rights Group.
The Basques and Catalans.bookLondon: Minority Rights Group ISBN 9780946690534
1987Monks, NoelGuernica destroyed by German planes, 26 April 1937book chapterJ. Carey (ed.): Eyewitness to history
Cambridge Mass.: Harvard University Press ISBN 9780674287501
1987Moxon-Browne, EdwardSpain and the ETA: the bid for Basque autonomybookLondon: Centre for Security and Conflict Studies
1987Sánchez, JoséThe Basque problembook chapterThe Spanish Civil War as a religious tragedy
Notre Dame Ind.: University of Notre Dame Press ISBN 9780268017262
1987Steer, G.L.Carlist forces drive back the Basque Frente Popular near Irun, 26 August 1936book chapterJ. Carey (ed.): Eyewitness to history
Cambridge Mass.: Harvard University Press ISBN 9780674287501
1987Urla, JacquelineBeing Basque, speaking Basque: the politics of language and identity in the Basque countrythesisThesis Ph.D., Univ. of California, BerkeleyURL
1987Lancaster, Thomas D.Comparative nationalism: the Basques in Spain and FrancearticleEuropean Journal of Political Research, 15, 5, 09.1987, 561-590 TEXT
1987Heiberg, M.Insiders/Outsiders: Basque nationalismarticleJournal of Pragmatics, 11, 2, 04.1987, 245-247URL
1988Atwater, Kevin;
Maxwell Graduate School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.
Ethnic identity in a divided territory: the geography of Basque nationalismbook
1988Light, DanielThe emergence and transformation of Basque nationalism, 1875-1975book
1988Sullivan, JohnETA and Basque nationalism: the fight for Euskadi, 1890-1986bookLondon: Taylor & Francis, 299 p. ISBN 0415003660URL TEXT INFO
1988Zulaika, JosebaBasque violence: metaphor and sacramentbookReno: University of Nevada Press, 458 p. ISBN 9780874171327URL TEXT INFO
1988Chaffee, LymanSocial conflict and alternative mass communications: public art and politics in the service of Spanish-Basque nationalismarticleEuropean Journal of Political Research, 16, 5, 09.1988, 545-572 TEXT
1989Barahona, RenatoVizcaya on the eve of Carlism: politics and society, 1800-1833bookReno: University of Nevada Press ISBN 9780874171228URL TEXT
1989Diez Medrano, JuanNationalism and Independence in Spain: Basques and Catalans.thesisThesis, Univ. of MichiganURL INFO
1989Douglass, William A.Essays in Basque social anthropology and historybook(Occasional Papers Series) Reno: University of Nevada Center for Basque Studies, 336 p. ISBN 9781877802027URL TEXT INFO
1989Marcaida Golzarri, MirenBasque national liberation and the Spanish regime: ethnic separatist terrorism and the responses of a traditional politybook
1990Anderson, JohnSeparatism and devolution: the Basques in Spainbook chapterM. Chisholm & D. M. Smith (ed.): Shared space, divided space, essays on conflict and territorial organization135-156
London: Unwin Hyman ISBN 9780044451532
1990Clark, RobertNegotiating with ETA: obstacles to peace in the Basque country, 1975-1988bookReno: University of Nevada Press, 278 p. ISBN 9780874171624URL TEXT INFO
1990Dyers, Sean;
International Protection of Human Rights, Law B596
Basking in uncertainty: self-determination and respect for ethnic minority rights in the Basque countrybook
1990Frank, Roslyn MEtxeko-Andrea: the missing link? Women in Basque culturebook chapterF. Keller (ed.): Views of women´s lives in western tradition: frontiers of the past and the future
Lewiston N.Y. USA: E. Mellen Press ISBN 9780889461239
1990Hannum, HurstSpain: the Basque country and Cataloniabook chapterAutonomy, sovereignty, and self-determination: the accommodation of conflicting rights
Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press ISBN 9780812282061
1990Ruiz, GloriaEuskadi: the struggle for Basque independencethesisThesis Honors degree, University of North Carolina, International Studies
1991Aguirre y Lecube, JoséEscape via Berlin: eluding Franco in Hitler´s Europebook(The Basque series) Reno: University of Nevada Press, 391 p. ISBN 9780874171679URL TEXT INFO
1991Barahona Arévalo, RenatoThe basques and the loss of the american colonies (1810-1840): approach to a problemarticleRIEV, 36, 1991, 23-34URL TEXT INFO
1991Fusi Aizpurua, Juan PabloThe Basque Countrybook chapterJ. Elliott & A. MacKay (ed.): The Spanish world: civilization and empire, Europe and the Americas, past and present
New York: H.N. Abrams ISBN 9780810934092
1991Kockel, UllrichRegions, borders and European integration: ethnic nationalism in Euskadi, Schleswig and UlsterbookLiverpool: University of Liverpool Institute of Irish Studies ISBN 9781898212034
1991Mansvelt Beck, JanBasque and catalan nationalisms in comparative perspectivebook chapterH. V. Amersfoort & J. M. M. V. Amersfoort (ed.): States and nations, the rebirth of the ´nationalities question´ in Europe (Netherlands Geographical Studies, 137)153-171
Amsterdam: Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap
1991Zirakzadeh, CyrusA rebellious people: Basques, protests, and politicsbookReno: University of Nevada Press, 260 p. ISBN 9780874171730URL TEXT INFO
1992Intxausti, JosebaEuskal Herria: the country of the Basque languagebookVitoria-Gasteiz: Basque Government´s Publication Service
1992Jensen, TheadoraRoots of dissent: pursuing bitter history in Basque countrybook chapterS. M. Crean (ed.): Twist and shout: a decade of feminist writing in This Magazine
Toronto: Second Story Press ISBN 9780929005270
1992MacDonald, EileenShoot the women firstbookNew York: Random House ISBN 9780679415961 INFO
1992Pingree, ScottBasque nationalism: a case study of ethnic legitimacythesisThesis Honors degree, University of Utah, Dept. of Political Science
1992Watson, CameronBasque nationalism during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, 1923-1930book
1993Barger, JanickBasque consciousness: language and culturethesisThesis, Mercy College
1993Conversi, DanieleDomino effect or internal developments? The influences of international events and political ideologies on Catalan and Basque nationalismarticleWest European Politics, 16:3, 1993, 245-270 TEXT
1993Crawford, C. JoanneBasque attitude towards political violence: Its correlation with personality variables, other sociopolitical attitudes, and political party votearticleAggressive Behavior, 19, 5, 1993, 325-346 TEXT
1993Davis, ThomasThe rationality of public support for nationalist movements: a case study of radical Basque Nationalist Parties, 1977-1989thesisThesis (M.A.), Kent State Univ.
1993Gunther, RichardPolitics, society and democracy: the case of SpainbookBoulder (Colo.); San Francisco; Oxford: Westview press ISBN 9780813385457
1993Llera, FranciscoThe construction of the Basque polarized pluralismpaperInstitut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials, Barcelona TEXT
1993Lopez-Aranguren, EduardoThe image of the Basque country and Basque culture in the American pressbook chapterH. Ryan-Ranson (ed.): Imagination, emblems, and expressions: essays on Latin American, Caribbean, and continental culture and identity
Bowling Green OH: Bowling Green State University Popular Press ISBN 9780879725808
1993MacClancy, JeremyAt play with identity in the Basque arenabook chapterS. Macdonald (ed.): Inside European identities: ethnography in Western Europe
Providence RI: Berg ISBN 9780854967230
1993Mastrovito, FrankBasque and Catalan nationalism: a comparisonbook
1993Ott, SandraThe circle of mountains: a Basque shepherding communitybookReno: University of Nevada Press, 242 p. ISBN 9780874172249 INFO
1993Conversi, DanieleThe influence of culture on political choices: Language maintenance and its implications for the Catalan and Basque national movementsarticleHistory of European Ideas, 16, 1-3, 01.1993, 189-200URL
1994Jacob, JamesHills of conflict: Basque nationalism in Francebook(The Basque series) Reno: University of Nevada Press, 546 p. ISBN 9780874172201 INFO
1994Lilli, JacquesBasques, catalans, primordialism and violencearticleCuadernos de Sección. Historia-Geografía. Eusko Ikaskuntza, 22, 1994, 323-358URL TEXT INFO
1994Linstroth, JohnEvoking Basque nationalist ideology: exploring the terrain of identity and communitythesisFlorida State Univ.
1994Mansvelt Beck, JanEthnic Minorities and Post-Franco Territorial Administration in Spain: changes in the linguistic landscapearticleHistory of European Ideas, 19, 4-6, 1994, 635-645
1994Valverde, LolaIllegitimacy and the abandonment of children in the Basque country, 1550-1800book chapterJ. Henderson & R. Wall (ed.): Poor women and children in the European past
London; New York: Routledge ISBN 9780415077163
1995Clark, RobertNegotiations for Basque self-determination in Spainbook chapterI. W. Zartman (ed.): Elusive peace: negotiating an end to civil wars
Washington D.C.: Brookings Institution ISBN 9780815797043
1995Díez Medrano, JuanDivided nations: class, politics, and nationalism in the Basque Country and CataloniabookIthaca; London: Cornell University Press ISBN 9780801430923
1995Fletcher, PatriciaThe Basques: a curriculum guidethesisThesis (M.A.), Boise State Univ.
1995Hislop, J.Spanish state policy, Basque nationalism and ETA terrorismthesisThesis (M.A.), Univ. of Alberta, Canada
1995Parton, NigelFire and blood: a comparison of Basque nationalism in France and SpainthesisThesis, University of Victoria
1995Shabad, Goldie;
Llera, Francisco
Political violence in a democratic state: Basque terrorism in Spainbook chapterM. Crenshaw (ed.): Terrorism in context
University Park Pa.: Pennsylvania State University Press ISBN 9780271010144
1995Shafir, GershonImmigrants and nationalists ethnic conflict and accommodation in Catalonia, the Basque Country, Latvia, and EstoniabookAlbany: State University of New York ISBN 9780585067247URL TEXT
1995Ybarolla, StevenCompetition and ethnic conflict: the dynamics of native migrant relations in the Basque country of SpainthesisThesis Ph.D., Brown University
1996Agirreazkuenaga, JPeople, State Forms and Representative Assemblies: the Making of the ´Basque´ Political Institutions from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth CenturiesarticleParliaments Estates and Representation, 16, COM, 1996, 75-92
1996Anderson, Thor RowlandClosely held secrets: everyday life, festivity, and carnival in three Basque townsthesisThesis Ph.D., Univ. of California, Berkeley
1996Ibarra, Pedro;
Rivas, Antonio
Environmental public discourse in the Basque country: the conflict of the Leizaran motorwaybook chapterD. Sciulli (ed.): Normative social action
Greenwich CT: Jai Press ISBN 9780762302260
1996Letamendia, Francisco;
Gomez Uranga, Mikel;
Etxebarria, Goio
Astride two states: cross-border co-operation in the Basque countrybook chapterL. O´Dowd & T. M. Wilson (ed.): Borders, nations, and states: frontiers of sovereignty in the new Europe
Aldershot Hants England; Brookfield Vt. USA: Avebury ISBN 9781859721582
1996MacClancy, JeremyBilingualism and Multinationalism in the Basque Countrybook chapterC. Mar-Molinero & A. Smith (ed.): Nationalism and the nation in the Iberian Peninsula: competing and conflicting identities207-220
Oxford: Berg ISBN 9781859731758
1996Raento, PaulinaTerritory, pluralism, and nationalism in the Basque county of SpainthesisThesis Ph.D., University of Nevada
1996Rupesinghe, Kumar;
Tishkov, V A
Ethnicity and power in the contemporary worldbookTokyo; New York: United Nations University Press ISBN 9789280809084 INFO
1996Russell, Michael R.King Juan Carlos I of Spain and the issue of Basque national identitythesisThesis (M.A.), Western Washington University
1996Tejerina, BenjaminLanguage and Basque Nationalism: Collective Identity, Social Conflict and Institutionalisationbook chapterC. Mar-Molinero & A. Smith (ed.): Nationalism and the nation in the Iberian Peninsula: competing and conflicting identities221-236
Oxford England: Berg ISBN 9781859731758
1996Walton, JohnDoing comparative social history: North-West England and the Basque country from the 1830s to the 1930s: an inaugural lecture delivered at The University of Lancaster on 12 June,1996bookLeicester: Leicester University Press ISBN 9781862200159
1996Watson, Cameron J.Sacred earth, symbolic blood:--a cultural history of Basque political violence, from Arana to ETAthesisUniv. of Nevada
1996Manzano, C.;
Orue, J. M.;
de la Rúa, C.
The “Basqueness” of the Basques of Alava: A reappraisal from a multidisciplinary perspectivearticleAmerican Journal of Physical Anthropology, 99, 2, 02.1996, 249-258 TEXT
1996Watson, CameronFolklore and Basque Nationalism: Language, Myth, RealityarticleNations and Nationalism, 2, 1, 03.1996, 17-34 TEXT
1997Arrizabalaga, Marie-PierreThe Stem Family in the French Basque Country: Sare in the Nineteenth CenturyarticleJournal of family history, 22, 1, 1997, 50
1997Conversi, DanieleThe Basques, the Catalans and Spain: alternative routes to nationalist mobilisationbookLondon: C. Hurst, 312 p. ISBN 9781850652533URL INFO
1997Davis, ThomasThe subjectivity of national identity: a Q-methodological study of individual attachment to the Basque nationthesisThesis Ph.D., Kent State Univ.
1997Díaz de Tuesta, J. F.The Success of the Local: The Basque CountryarticleMercator Media Forum, 2, 1997URL
1997Eriksson, JohanPartition and redemption: a Machiavellian analysis of Sami and Basque patriotismthesisThesis Ph.D., Umeå University Dept. of Political Science
1997Mansvelt Beck, JanA geography of Basque Political ViolencepaperUniversity of Amsterdam TEXT
1997Raento, PaulinaNational conflict and local environment: radical nationalist street campaigning in the Spanish Basque countrycongress paperDowling College Mediterranean Conference held in Rome, Italy, and Istanbul, Turkey, July 4-12, 1996, Mediterranean perspectives: literature, social studies and philosophy, Oakdale N.Y., Dowling College Press
1997Skrbis, Z.Immigrants and nationalists: ethnic conflict and accomodation in Catalonia, the Basque country, Latvia and Estonia (Book review)articleAustralian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology, 33:2, 1997, 270-272 TEXT
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Washington Square N.Y.: New York University Press ISBN 9780814706480
1997Yatsko, Michael S.Ethnicity in festival landscapes: an analysis of the landscape of Jaialdi ´95 as a spatial expression of Basque ethnicitythesisVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University TEXT INFO
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Walton, John K.
Contrasting identities: north-west England and the Basque Country, 1840-1936book chapterE. Royle & J. D. Marshall (ed.): Issues of regional identity: in honour of John Marshall
Manchester; New York: Manchester University Press; St. Martin´s Press ISBN 9780719050282
1998De Winter, Lieven;
Tursan, Huri
Regionalist Parties in Western Europe.bookLondon:: Routledge, ISBN 9780203169391 INFO
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London; Portland OR: Frank Cass ISBN 9780714649108
1999Darré, AlainThe Basque country and Europe: transfer of power and the sovereignty issuebook chapterR. Hudson & F. Réno (ed.): Politics of identity: migrants and minorities in multicultural states
Houndsmill Eng.; New York: Palgrave ISBN 9780312225476
1999Díaz Noci, JavierThe Creation of the Basque Identity through Cultural Symbols in Modern TimespaperSt Anthony´s College, European Studies Centre, University of Oxford TEXT
1999Ercegovac, Peter A.Competing National Ideologies, Cyclical Responses: The Mobilisation of the Irish, Basque and Croat National Movements to Rebellion Against the StatethesisThesis Ph.D., Sydney TEXT INFO
1999Gabilondo, JosebaBefore Babel. Global Media, Ethnic Hybridity, and Enjoyment in Basque CulturearticleRIEV, 44:1, 1999, 7-49URL TEXT INFO
1999Guibernau i Berdún, MontserratNations without states: political communities in a global agebookCambridge UK; Malden MA: Polity Press ISBN 9780745618005 INFO
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Dordrecht; Boston: Kluwer Academic ISBN 9780792360667
1999Mansvelt Beck, JanAn Anatomy of Basque Identity, a Geographical Analysis of Identity Patterns in the Franco-Spanish Border Areabook chapterH. Knippenberg & J. Markusse (ed.): Nationalising and denationalising European border regions, 1800-2000: views from geography and history153-172
Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic ISBN 9780792360667
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