Vital Foundation Ethics Channel – Vital Fundazioa

This channel facilitates the communication of unethical or presumably criminal behavior in our Foundation. Fundación Vital Fundazioa promotes the values of the organization and the ethical behavior of its teams, as well as transparency in its management and in its relations with the different stakeholders.

The channel is safe for you and has a simple operation. Using an anonymous and confidential form, the communication reaches the Compliance Committee, which is responsible for analysis, investigation and resolution.

A whistleblowing channel is intended for responsible and good faith use. Use the organization’s normal channels for other types of reports.

If your notification or complaint is a claim that is related to the ordinary activity and the implementation of courses or other similar activities, you can go to the following mailbox

Purpose of this channel

The purpose of this channel is to facilitate to all the stakeholders of Fundación Vital Fundazioa, the communication of unethical behaviors, or contrary to the different applicable regulations (e.g.: Criminal Compliance, Data Protection, Equality Plans…).

This tool is constituted as a single channel of communication of those irregularities, behaviors, complaints, etc. that you wish to make with relation, origin or destination in our organization. It guarantees the confidentiality of the information related to the communication you make, and even allows you to maintain total anonymity if you wish.

In any investigation, the rights to privacy, defense and presumption of innocence of the persons under investigation will be guaranteed.

Questions for clarification

What should I report?

Irregularities that may constitute a violation of the Code of Ethics, work and/or behavioral policies, or any breach of national or international regulations.

Who receives the report and how is it handled?

The Compliance Committee will delegate to the Compliance Officer who, once it has been verified that the complaint meets the requirements to be analyzed, will proceed to its investigation and resolution.

What should the complaint contain?

Detailed description of the facts on which the complaint is based.

Submission of all those indications (evidence) that support the complainant’s suspicions.

Identification of the accused, in case of having knowledge that he/she is responsible for the denounced fact.

Identity of the complainant, only if he/she does not wish to remain anonymous.


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