KOHAFERENCE 2024. IV Spanish KOHA Users Meeting

“Reinventing the Spanish users community after the pandemic”

The Library and the Documentation Centre of the Sancho el Sabio Foundation will host the IV Spanish KOHA users meeting in 2024, from September 25 to 27.  The meeting will bring together both librarians and developers from companies providing KOHA services.


What is Kohaference

Kohaference 2024 is the fourth meeting among KOHA users in Spain.

More and more projects and institutions have opted for this library management system, and it is important to have an identified community with which to share experiences, challenges, and problems about Koha.

These sessions will constitute an opportunity for learning and collaboration around Koha, as well as an approach to the tool for those people and institutions that want to know more about the manager and are even thinking about migrating to it.

The meeting has been structured around three main parts, with the presence of both national and international professionals:

  1. General talks about Koha, with the aim of presenting a general overview and the status of this library manager and its international community.
  2. Agile and practical presentations of specific projects and experiences, where the diversity of initiatives that work with Koha in the State will be analyzed.
  3. Participatory workshops in which we seek to analyze the tool, raise needs, identify possible future projects…

KohaFerence 2024 will be an opportunity to continue the conversations and reflections started in previous editions, as well as to meet new professionals who work with this free software..

Links to previous meetings:

KOHAference 2015 (Tabakalera-Ubik-Medialab, Donostia-San Sebastián)

KOHAference 2017 (Tabakalera-Ubik-Medialab, Donostia-San Sebastián)

KOHAference 2019 (Biblioteca de la Universidad de Cádiz, Cádiz)

Until then, we will continue working and sharing experiences through distribution lists, Facebook, X (#Kohaference), contacts, etc.


La Fundación Sancho el Sabio

Sancho el Sabio Vital Fundazioa Foundation, which turns 60, is one of the most important documentation centers in the world in terms of Basque culture, established within the Vital Foundations (also made up of Vital Fundazioa Foundation, Vital Fundazioa Stadium Foundation, Fundación Idiomas Vital Fundazioa and Fundación Bancaria Vital-Vital Banku Fundazioa). It preserves the bibliographic and documentary memory of the Basque people throughout its history and its library has contained, since 1964, a valuable documentary collection in which you can find monographs, periodical publications, photographs, manuscripts, maps or family documentation; an important heritage wealth that has made it an obligatory reference for research on Basque culture.

The Library and Documentation Center of the Sancho el Sabio Foundation adopted the KOHA Library management system in 2023, migrating a catalog of almost 700K titles and customization with the open access discoverer Vufind, which functions as a GLAM platform for the publication of the bibliographic collection, digitized repository, databases and archival and artistic collection.






Place: Vitoria-Gastei



  • Parking
  • Bus: L5-Gamarra
  • BEI: B towards Zaramaga/ Boulevard



Please, fill the following form to attend the meeting

The payment of the fee will be made upon receipt of the confirmation email with the instructions. The registration period will close on April 12, 2024. The general fee is €50.

For any other questions, contact the Sancho el Sabio Foundation by email at info@sanchoelsabio.eus or by calling 945 253932 / 945 250983